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Fundraiser to Support Traci's Bio

Join us in supporting, Traci's Bio, a Philadelphia based organization devoted to assisting women diagnosed with breast cancer.

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About International Association of Women-Philadelphia Chapter

International Association of Women (IAW) is a global in-person and online professional networking platform that provides women with the forum, education and services to thrive in an interconnected world.

IAW members have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and lifestyles, but with one common bond- their ability to succeed. Through 100+ local chapters, international chapters in several cities in several cities in China and 1000+ in-person and virtual events, our community empowers each member to realize their dreams, acquire the connections and knowledge needed to rise, and helps them build better work-life integration and the confidence that is vital to lead.

Join us for our monthly meetings and enjoy impactful networking, personal and professional development opportunities, fun activities, and so much more!

- Michelle Thornhill 

IAW Philadelphia Chapter President


About Traci's Bio

We are a Non-Profit Breast Cancer Awareness Organization whose mission is to help survivors maintain a level of normalcy. It is our mission to support those who are newly
diagnosed and breast cancer
SURVIVORS maintain a level of normalcy while
going through an abnormal process.
It is our desire to provide breast cancer survivors with the EDUCATION , SERVICES, RESOURCES and both SPIRITUAL and THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT to assist with this life
changing process. Since the birth of Traci’s BIO we have worked to offer practical information to tap into one’s inner strength despite loss of hair, nails, and other physical changes.



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